Haruna Mubiru Fighting For P*ssy with City Business Man Hamiduh Sseremba

Alot of words have sparked off between Kream productions Band CEO Haruna Mubiru Kitooke and Kampala city business tycoon Hamiduh Sseremba as they are lately fighting for the once employee of the music band and song bird Fyona Sparkle.

Fyona Sparkle aka Byabazaire Fyona has been a member of Kream productions band and Hajji Haruna Mubiru’s side dish but on Tuesday 26th September 2017 was a day of disappointment to remember in the ‘Kitooke Kifansalira’s life as Sparkle handed in her resignation for green pastures which was welcomed by him but little did he know that his bean was heading into the hands of his long time business partner and friend Hamiduh Sseremba, the proprietor of Kream Holdings located in ‘Kikubo’ in the down town of Kampala city centre.

According to the ‘Ndi Ku Kyupa’ hit singer, Fyona proved beyond doubt that she left Kream productions to continue with her dream of wide exposure on the musical scene thus conceding that she was in a relationship and contact with Hamiduh because he is the sole manager of her music thus confirming even chewing lots of the city businessman’s dimes.

Sparkle has denied allegations that she was in love with Hajji Haruna Mubiru but just a loyal employee of his music band but confirming that it was time to call it quits and move on with her life.

Byabazaire Fyona is a solo artist under the management of Hamidul who began her music career way back from childhood and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Filming degree at the oldest national institution Makerere University.

Haruna Mubiru and Hamidul have been business partners but things started going to the worst when the city mogul hired his car, a Primo registration number UAX909U to the Kream productions CEO but was surprised when the singer failed to compensate him when he spoilt the whole car in an accident.

The anticipated aspiring candidate for the Bukumansimbi district parliamentary seat come 2021-2026 has denied allegations linking in the controversy that saw Haruna lose his member of the band saying he has no love connections with the sexy lady apart from music promotions.

Let us hope the two will patch up their indifferences being the fact that Fyona Sparkle is no longer part of Kream productions yet the two are still operating businesses that require each other’s help.