Guvnor Ace Replaces Old Zungu Wife with Another Woman

Do you all remember almost a full year ago when struggling Ugandan musician Guvnor Ace made headlines after getting married to an old White woman almost thrice his age all in the name of money plus a green card? Well, he has now shown off some other woman.

According to the tabloid followup that took place after the wedding, Ace stayed married to his woman for almost 3 months as she kept on splashing dollars in his face until he ran away from her and started struggling for his own life in the land of Benjamin money.

Apparently, according Guvnor Ace, his dumbing the wife wasn’t a big deal as he has now decided to come out and show off new photos of the woman he is claiming to be in love with.

The new woman is also not only a “Muzungu” but also old in age according to the wrinkles in her face even though this doesn’t seem to be a big deal to Ace. The reason for his dating this new woman is not yet clear but atleast we can hope that it is not so different from the old scandle.

Sean Musa Carter

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