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How to get a loaded Sugar Mummy in Uganda | Complete guide.

Getting a sugar mummy in Uganda is surely a pain in the ass, I do not know why at young age you are looking for a sugar mummy and I do not encourage you to look for one. But since it’s your wish and dream to get a sugar mummy, not forgetting the economic situations of this Hakuna Mchezo, I am going to give you procedures that you should undertake to get a sugar mummy in Uganda.

This guide works for those dwelling in urban centers, Kampala, Mbarara, Jinja, Mbale etc, for those who stay in rural areas it may not work for you, since dating styles in urban areas are different from rural ones. But still you can read, after all the country is now developing under the new dot com era.  This guide also helps the one who has patience to pursue what he wants. If you think that Immediately after reading this guide you will get a sugar mummy to sleep with tonight, I advise you either sala puleesa, or tell you that you are in a wrong place, only patience here works. Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for what may result if you follow all these steps and things go wrong. But you want a sugar mummy, O.K lets continue.

1. Never and never at any one time expect to get a sugarmummy from online dating communities and social media. There are many dating websites, many pages on Facebook named after hooking you with a sugar mummy with names like Sugar Mummies in Uganda, Get Sugar mummy in Kampala, Sugar Mummies reloaded UG etc, avoid such communities, they will ask you to pay before they hook you, after giving them your hard earned hundreds of thousands, they will disappear. They have conned many and you won’t be too special to be conned. Take a note and avoid them. If someone tells he got a sugar mummy from a Facebook page, either know he is part of the team try to con you or he is that lucky one in a million.

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2. Have it in Mind that ladies keep their “search” a secret. They do not easily say it out that they need a toy boy and even fear being known to be in such relationships. So before you continue with your search, have that in mind, their privacy and reputation first, you last. Do not try to show it in public that you are trying to dating them.

3. With sugar mummies being of old age mostly above 40s, they like having someone responsible, someone who looks gentle. You need to get rid of those three quarters shots, those sleeveless t-shirts and look gentle. When she takes you out, don’t be too drunk, drink little to keep balancing your conscience.

4. You need to be styled up and updated, remember you are setting yourself ready to date and work with businesswomen, they do not need these stories of “I loaded 50MBs and they are now showing me 70%” no, know the latest trends in business and politics. Remember she may even need you to help her in her business.

5. Now start flocking common areas where they go for outing. You need to be more updated about the trending bars and clubs where these women always crowd in the evenings and since trends change, you need to know more hangout places. I recommend hangouts in Bweyogerere, Kireka, Ntinda, Najjanankumbi and Zzana, they have a horde of them.
6. Be honest and transparent. Sugar mummies have been in various relationships and will not love it when you try playing with their feelings like how taata boy did to them or try to show greed for money. Definitely its money that you want but if try to show greed in the first place she will just get rid of you.

7. Definitely if you have already made yourself ready to date one, it will not be difficult, it just needs patience. Creating rapport with these ladies will help you soon get that loaded mummy.

WARNING: Before you go on to date with a sugar mummy, first make research and findout if she is really married or single. If you find she is married or cohabiting with someone, my brother I encourage you not to pursue that relationship, I love your life and I guess you love it more!


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