Is Geosteady’s New Song ‘Am Ready’ a Sign that he has Moved on?

Yes we have heard all his songs he has dropped, RnB love ballads that have touched deep broken hearts and those that have brought lovers together but this song Am Ready that Blackman Ent Geosteady released today has a lot to question about it as it is clearly seen on a two way traffic, either it is to bring back his lost love of baby mama or there is a reason the couple separated and he has now moved on already within the shortest time.

As the song is still on iTunes, Blizz moles have got a chance of landing on it and the lyrics show that he wrote the song with one thought on his mind, the beauty of a queen who he is asking to have love with and have a child with. The song goes on to bring the master piece of Geosteady’s mind as he asks to marry the talked about queen since he hard works and has got enough money to take her home and care for her. Can this bring out the moving on after separation or his having of a new lover? Me and you.

It is hardly a month since Geosteady had a bitter break up with his baby mama Prima but he shows signs of getting someone already. However many media houses hardly believed the separation as it was seen as a publicity stunt aimed at selling his upcoming show dubbed Geosteady Live that is slated to take place on 8th September., but it was later confirmed the breakup was real. So whatever is happening in the African Baibe hit maker’s Blackman camp is still confusing.