Geosteady’s Baby Mama Dumps him for a New Guy

Singer and Blackman Musician Geosteady’s baby mama called Prima Kadarshi has just confirmed that he dumped him about 7 months ago for anew guy that she has been doing and helping take care of her and her son.

Posting about the end of her relationship with singer Geosteady on her Facebook page, Prim didn’t sound so serious as some even thought that is is a stunt brought up to hype his upcoming concert and new song release but she has denied it conforming that it ain’t a stunt.

Prim confirmed how all this is real She even said that she’s already seeing someone else. (For more details check screenshots below)

Prima and Geosteady have been married for more than 4yrs and they have a beautiful daughter together and it is her prim that has been funding Geo Steady’s career since day one.

Sean Musa Carter

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