Geosteady attacks bloggers criticizing him for begging to greet Diamond

Ugandan musician Geosteady has criticized the negative perception of Ugandan music that was exhibited by Ugandans at the Kampala charity festival last Friday 6th October 2017.
During the press conference of the Kampala city festival last Friday, Geosteady took a lot of pictures with Tanzanian music star Diamond Platinumz but what came to his dismay was the social media bloggers who took an off set pic of him and Diamond thus analysing it negatively to the populace.

“Yesterday we took lots of camera pics at the press conference of the Festival but to my surprise my own Ugandan journalists and some bloggers took an off set pic of me and Diamond Platinumz spread it all over the internet with both bad comments and actions but that’s okay,” lamented the disappointed ‘Owooma’ singer.

He has questioned the credibility of Ugandans towards the music industry since its a crucial avenue for the country’s development.

“Now my question is; Are you trying to pish Ugandan music or pulling down our Ugandan flags? Is this how to push Geosteady to the world or?  Are u acting as a good example or a bad one??”.

The ‘Tokendeeza’ hit maker has called upon the populace to support and appreciate local content so as to lift the Ugandan musical industry to greater heights.

Supporting our own works in so many ways i.e in posts we make, articles you write about us, attendance if shows etc. We are working o hard for the Ugandan music industry to stand from generation to generation making it a better place for the future and the only people to lean on is you.
Let’s be positive we gonna hit international goals

Still Ugandan bleeding music to stay,” stated the furious ‘Tokeendeza’ hit maker.