General Geeon, Penny Patra trash VEMA Awards

As we observe, currently western Uganda has tremendously shown growth in the music industry as this is being manifested by the ever-rising stars, awards events and shows compared to the previous years.

Now the current VEGA Music Awards (VEMA) are in place that are aimed at recognizing everyone in the entertainment industry in Western Uganda but as a matter of fact, since it is its first Season, it has faced a lot of criticism and all sorts of rejections from radio personalities and artistes.

The initials in this case are the Mission hit maker General Geoon and the Empaako hit song maker Katwesigye Peninah aka Penny Patra who have come out publicly and trashed the existence of the awards and called for a ‘No vote’ campaign.

In her own words, Penny Patra described the awards as childish and low level awards and she moved on and asserted that she is no longer a class of western Uganda Awards rather awards like Hipipo. “I don’t know those awards, who organized them and am not of that class, I am a Hipipo class” Penny chirped.

On the other hand, Gen Geoon came out and gave out a Fourteen Question post about the awards asking about the organizer, whether the awards are registered, whether they have a face book page, offices, whether they pay taxes and many more, finally at the end he informed that he needs himself out of the awards asap!

This may be seen as the number one threat of the VEMA awards but the organizers who include Dj Western Montana of Rwenzori fm(efureembe) according to inside sources, are not showing any sign of quack thus move on with the event.

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