Former Life TV personality Straka Mwezi on weight loss campaign

Popular TV personality Straka Mwezi who was once known for her hefty frame, and vowed she would only try a liquid diet to cut it down, with a much slimmer figure, the social celebrity has lost weight worth kilos.

According to our impeccable sources, The former ‘Night show’ host on Life TV has been working on her challenging body weight ever since she left the once no more WBSTV by inhaling enough liquid diet mostly water not forgetting her weight solution, an organic health loss product she came up with that is yielding results for the mother of one and she is doing serious business by hawking the product online for those in need of it.

Body weight is a big challenge to many women and not only Straka but more other ladies are out there struggling to reduce size that make them look older than their real age. Some of the recommended and healthy tips include diet, yoga, and gymnasium.