Former Golden Band Daudi Mugema Member & Producer Jonah Arrested Cause of an Old Song

Former Golden productions singer Daudi Mugema and renown music producer Jonah of the Real Records studios located at Salaama road were on Tuesday last week jailed for two days and had some disappointing moments while feeling the Wrath of the cells and its general atmosphere.

The two were arrested on Tuesday 26th September 2017 by Jinja road police station detectives on grounds of producing harmful musical content in Real Records studios manned by producer Jonah aimed at inciting violence and the public order centrally to the Ugandan constitution of 1995 thus having a lot to explain.

The music tracks hadn’t been yet released officially for public consumption but had been posted on their social media pages with lyrics that seem to attack the fountain of honor to the fullest in relation to the ongoing constitutional amendment bill that being steered by the NRM party MPs with an aim to lift the presidential age limit come 2021 to give way for the incumbent president contest for another term of office despite the fact that he will be above the required age mandated in the Ugandan constitution.

The later were rescued from rotting in the police cells by fellow artistes led by Dj Kikofiira, the Chairperson of Ugandan artistes and events organizers with a message to the entertainment industry to abscond from harmful pieces of so called entertainment aimed at critiquing the government in power rather focus on their sole careers to overcome such dilemmas.