Fire in Gagamel camp as leader chases out those who refused to vote Bebe in MTV Awards

Uganda’s nominations in this year’s MAMA will bring more harm than good after the three singers failed to win and instead of accepting the defeat, they shifted the blame to others (this excludes Sheebah). In the Gagamel camp, things are turning sour and the once diehards may end this month being music infidels.

When Bebe Cool was nominated, the head of the Gagamel Phamily Mr. Kleberson Richard ordered all group members who are about 3,000, a number that has been stagnant since 2013, to open fake twitter accounts and vote as many times as they could to help their man win the award. Some complied and some seemed too busy to that and only voted using their main account. Little did they know that they were to pay for that.

Now after the Kiwatule based man failed to lift the medal, the group Leader Kleberson threatened to remove all those who did not open fake accounts to vote calling them dormant and useless. This exercise did not only take those who did not open fake accounts but also those who opposed the move to have some members removed.

Some fellow Gagamelians attacked the leader and blamed him for failing to spread out the group since there are more fans that support Bebe Cool and would be brought to the group and mobilized easily vote instead of opening fake account. “The issue wasn’t having 25 dormant Twitter accounts…The issue was having 1 active account and you use it to the maximum” said one fan who has his profile picture reading “I am a fan of Bebe Cool”

Gagamel Phamily is one of the most strict music groups on social media where all the members must do as directed by the group administrator or else be expelled.

Bebe Cool was nominated in the MTV Listeners Choice Category where he lost the award to the Zimbabwean singer Jah Prayzah

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe