Fire Destroys Property Worth Billions in Ndeeba

Today (16th July) traders in Ndeeba Market in the suburbs of Kampala woke up to sad news of a devastating fire that gutted and destroyed their property worth billions in leaving most of them to cry out in pain.

It comes on the heels of a similar incident that happened in Kisenyi a couple of weeks ago that left several traders in tears after Salabed stores catching fire.

The narrative given in by the affected traders in Ndeeba this is so far not so different from the previous occurrences; fire breaking out deep in the night and spreading very fast; delayed response by Fire Brigade, whose headquarters is in the vicinity; suspicion of arsonists being behind these incessant fires; and followed by an outcry of  “government etuyambe”. 

The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s office has always requested the Minister for Disaster preparedness for intervention but to no avail.

Sean Musa Carter

A Creative, Experienced and True talk Entertainment/Gossip News Writer. Devoted to telling it the way it is.!!!