Finally, People behind Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) unmasked and known

People have all this long been asking who could TVO be and who could be the brains behind this personality. Nevertheless, according to Andrew Mwenda, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has been unmasked and the people running his account are finally known.

There are four minds behind the account which has become the chief critic of the government, revealing the secrets, speculations and rumors that all run against the incumbent government.

Mwenda said that the first person is Shaka Roberts, a popular Ugandan social media personnel who was arrested 2 years ago in connection to owning the ‘TVO’ account. He is being helped by the Ugandan living in UK, Ssemuwemba Abbey who owns the popular Facebook forum Ugandans At Heart (UAH) Community and Henry Lugasira who is also a key FDC supporter living in Canada.

Shaka Roberts

He added that they are being helped by a lady who is the 4th person though he refused to reveal her identity.

In the year 2016, Counsel Fred Muwema took Facebook to court of Ireland asking the court to order Facebook Inc. to reveal the identity of Tom Voltaire Okwalinga but in January 2017, the court ruled against his favor saying that revealing Okwalinga’s identity would be putting the bloggers life in danger.

Semuwemba Abbey who lives in UK

The Old man of the clan Andrew Mwenda promised to reveal more about the identities of the key people TVO’s personalities always chat with and what they always chat with them after he assured the public that he has finished hacking their accounts.

“These people are demented psychopathic maniacs and the kind who support Besigye’s extremism. Tomorrow I shall be publishing their hacked Facebook profiles, including whom they communicate with.” Said Mwenda.

Lugasira Henry who lives in Canada

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