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Fille Mutoni in a scam scandal. Impersonators chew millions of money from her promoters

Impersonation has become the biggest problem to many public figures and every blessed day and night celebrities fall a prey of the new trick of conning, which was promoted by internet.

Fille Mutoni a popular Ugandan Musician has already gone to police to report the case where someone using her identity is conning people and getting money from them.

A person identified as Kintu Umaru, 0751859408 (Mobile Money names) got 2 million from a Dubai based promoter DJ Wasswa promising that she will come for a show in Dubai and perform.

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Immediately after receiving the money, the “fake fille” had to flee from social media and DJ Wasswa was forced to hunt the real Fille, who told him that she has no connections with the said person. DJ Wasswa had started promoting the Fille concert in Dubai not knowing he was conned by Impersonators.

Fille has asked the Uganda Police to help track the impersonator and police has promised to give her the necessary help in tracking the internet kifeesi Umaru.

Fille thereafter rushed to her Facebook page and warned the public to stop working with such people, lest they will be conned. In her post on Facebook, Fille identified Umaru as a hacker who is using her identity to get money from people.

“This number doesn’t belong to me or any of the people I work with. He has corned many people including now Dj Waswaa from Dubai. If Police can help please, he is a hacker. And the names of the guy who corned him is Called Kintu Umar. So the number he sent in the money is registered under those names

Fille is not the first celebrity to fall a prey of scammers and impersonators, Juliana Kanyomozi once had her fans conned after an impersonator claiming to be Juliana Kanyomozi kept asking them financial help. SK Mbuga recently had also his admirers conned by someone who was promising to give them employment deals and the hacker went on to promise SK Mbuga to keep conning people or else Mbuga should give him money.

As part of protecting its users, Facebook introduced the blue badge verification to help users differentiate between authentic and fake profiles of celebrities. It is advisable that when dealing with a celebrity on social media, look for verified profiles to avoid fake profiles. Twitter also followed, Google plus and Facebook’s subsidiary company Instagram also started verifying celebrity profiles to help users not to be scammed.

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