Felix Kaweesi’s Widow Succesfully Gives birth to a Baby Boy

Yesterday afternoon, one of the most loved Ugandan Police Commanders known as Andrew Felix Kaweesi was laid down to his final resting grounds after being murdered in a bullet scaffle that left two of his bodyguards also dead as they were trying to protect him from over 30 bullets that took away his life.

The late Assistant Inspector General of Police’s wife currently 9 months pregnant ready to bless Felix with another child but unfortunately he wasn’t able to live longer enough to witness the joy of his night bedroom sweat even though the good news coming in to us has indicated that the wife has now given birth.

Annette Kaweesi has today 23rd March  been able to deliver a healthy baby boy at Nakaser and according to the confirmations we have got, both the mother and child are in good health.

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Sean Musa Carter

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