FDC Mps are so cheap; they were bought to give away our win-Stella Nyanzi

The Makerere University research fellow, Professor Stella Nyanzi is not happy with FDC MPs, Winnie Kiiza, Ssemujju Nganda, Cecilia Ogwal and others who conceded the defeat and accepted to be appointed as the “Leaders of Opposition” in the parliament.

Winnie Kiiza was appointed the Leader of Opposition, Ssemujju Nganda appointed as chief Whip while Cecilia Ogwal appointed as the Parliament Commissioner. Stella Nyanzi says that the poor men are so bitter to why the FDC MPs they elected couldn’t defend the victory of the President, Kizza Besigye.

Stella Nyanzi says, she does not belong to FDC but rather is a lover of Dr Kizza Besigye. “FDC shocks me. FDC paralyzes me” said Stella Nyanzi “am not an FDC member. I merely love Dr. Kizza Besigye”

Ingrid Turinawe has already finished attacking the party president Mugisha Muntu, telling him that he has no right whatsoever to concede the defeat on behalf of Kizza Besigye adding that Kizza Besigye is the one who has that right to concede or continue with defiance.

Stella Nyanzi says that those MPs were bought with money to give away the FDC victory. “The builders have been grilling me about the divisions and greed in the FDC leadership. These poor men are bitter. They are disappointed. They are pained that ‘our MPs’ are so buyable that they could not defend the victory of our incarcerated president.”

FDC as a party is facing a big challenge as the top decision makers are dividing themselves after the party president made a decision to appoint the Leader of Opposition which made some other members feel betrayed.

Nasa Tushabe

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    I Am So, So Disapointed With FDC Members Of Parliament For Having Conceded Defeat After Swearing In Their President Kizza Besigye And Was Arrested There After. FDC Mps Are Celebrating The Treason Case Put Against Besigye By Apointing Leader Of Opposition But Not Demanding For The Immediate Release Of Besigye.