Family reveals why they never allowed mourners to see Ivan Semwanga’s body

The rumor is still on that Ivan Semwanga is still alive, and that he faked his death to escape the debts that had accumulated beyond normal, and a scam was made that he is dead and they buried an empty casket as the living Ivan is hiding in Lebanon.

Finally the family has revealed why they could not allow anyone to view Ivan’s body, all the way from South Africa up to when he was buried on Tuesday.

“He was operated in head two times, and we, thought it would be respectful if we do not let people have a look at him” revealed an insider whom we assured of anonymity.

By the time they brought his body in Uganda, the body has stayed longer and would have produced a bad smell if left exposed for revelers.

“Doctors had treated the body, but still it had started to smell at the time he landed in” said the insider “the coffin that we used had no screen to enable the public view, all that was needed was to wholly open the upper part, exposing the body”

After people claimed that Semwanga is not dead since there is no one who saw neither his might nor a photo of his dead body, two photos of his dead body were leaked and they circulated in various media houses and social media.

It has continued to be mayhem amongst the fans and followers of Ivan Semwanga who are torn between believing whether the Don is dead or alive.