Exposing the Woman who Broke Geosteady’s Marriage

It is now the talk of the town as how singer and vocal god Geasteady CEO of Blackman Entertainment and his long term baby mama Prima Kadarsh are in a bitter split, the one that is full of cold words sent to each other.

Prima is primarily accusing Geosteady that he has failed to control his trouser zip and he keeps giving out the mighty banana to every charity and grace.

However close sources to Prima indicate that she says that  Geosteady is weak in bed that is why they cannot live forever despite having a beautiful girl Sorayah. But Blizz moles have intervened in the matter and have found out that there is a woman who is even older than the Mbuuza hit maker that has led to the marriage of Geosteady in tatters.

She is known by the names of Mary Ngabire who doubles as her international manager and it is believed that whenever Geosteady is outside Uganda, he is with her and they share the same bedroom when they are away, a source revealed.

To make matters worse, it is again revealed that Prima have had bitter verbal exchanges for a while with the woman but it has all fallen to the deaf ears of Mary.

So we do not know whether Geosteady is going to keep by Mary or else resort back to the seemingly tired Prima who vividly have sponsored his music career from day one. On the other hand, Mary is distancing herself from the issue as she is avoiding a bitter quagmire that may come out and she is still working with Geosteady and as you read this, they have just returned from an international music tour.