Exposed: How Winnie Nwagi planned her introduction story and photos

Just like Stone Age, Iron Age that passed, we are now on the verge letting pass the talent age. Musicians, comedians and other sorts of entertainers, whose duty relied heavily on their talent are now changing the course, they either create wars, become vulgar, do stunts and all sorts to attract the public with something that is even of less value. Back to our lady Winnie Nwagi, whose only existence in Uganda music has been because of her figure not her voice or talent, she is still struggling to keep her name up even when the figure that people used to talk about now normalized.

Yesterday, Winnie Nwagi shared photos on her Facebook page showing an introduction party, the singer went ahead to caption the photos “It doesn’t matter where he comes from.. if you find it in him, give love a chance. Today has been beautiful like that” she claimed that her lover was from Nigeria, which excited her fans and they started congratulating her, little did they know they were falling a prey of her stunts for the second time in two months.

She even went ahead to share more photos on Instagram dramatizing the whole story and thanking her Matron Irene Ntale, which made her fans believe that their beloved singer has got Hubby.

Before Winnie Nwagi releases a song these days, she has to do a stunt to make sure the song sells. When she was releasing Magic, she made a deal with Ray Supasta a popular Social Media celebrity and she gave him her photos so that he can expose her dirty sexlife, abuse her, talk ill about her, she makes the news headlines and by the time she releases Magic, she will be the headline of every tabloid. That plan worked, but Magic still did not make it like how she expected.

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Now this time shooting her video, she wanted to capture attention of people to the video she is about to release titled Kano Koze and all she could come up with was a stunt that makes her fans look like fools. “Naye Winnie if you’re fooling us around then you’re not serious and it’ll be kind gradual undermining us…how I wish it’s true my diva” One fan Identified as Cole commented.

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Though this one of the worst ways of promoting music, scamming people’s mind, she is not the first do so, Abdul Mulaasi the fossilized singer announced himself dead in May 2016, with photos and later it emerged that it was a video shoot. Struggling singer Katongole Omutongole ran a rumor that he was being introduced and after it was discovered as Video shoot. Iryn Namubiru stunt that she was trying to commit suicide was also found to be a video shooting of Nakukolaki.

My advice to Winnie Nwagi, stunts no longer work, good music works, and you started with a stunt of exposing your photos when releasing Magic, now when shooting Kano Koze, you bring the introduction stunt, now worried that you may even release a sextape when you organize a concert, calm down. Do good music it is what fans want, not stunts.

Information reaching our table indicates that she is trying to release the video within one week her fans get out of confusion. By the end of next, her video might be out.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe