Exposed: Reasons why Desire Luzinda’s latest nude pic leaked known!

Yesterday social media had to freeze for hours after the new photo of Desire Luzinda leaked on the internet. To many who thought they had got enough of Desire Luzinda were surprised to see that she still has a lot to show and turn their world on. Her photo containing the mega b00bs, as Desire Luzinda paused touching on one breast revealing the other went viral and whatsapp went on standstill.

People thought it was again another lover who leaked it while others said they are old pics. Desire Luzinda herself came on social media and claimed it was someone jealous of her achievements who leaked the photo to the social media.

Finally, we have known why Desire Luzinda released that photo which was probably taken years back, but kept in privacy like pearls until when it surfaced yesterday and here is the story.

Ever since 2014 when Desire Luzinda released her ekitone song, she has never had any other trending song. Its true ekitone was not a good song to listen to but was promoted by the leaked photos stunt. After two years of flop, the singer had to look for back at what used to be her promotional tricks.

She thought of releasing a photo early in the morning, so that it can circulate and she makes the headlines on social media and all media companies before she releases her next song, which would probably resurrect her fallen career that is resting in peace at the moment.

Even before releasing the photo, the singer already her latest video Kimala in her hands and was waiting for the photo to circulate first, make headlines and then she would thereafter release the video.

Immediately after making sure the photo has circulated, Desire Luzinda released the Kimala video, and accordingly her stunt is working in her favor as everyone is now yearning to look at her latest video, which is by the way interesting. Here is the Kimala Video, enjoy.

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