Exposed: Anne Kansiime Busted by Ex Hubby Ojok

This is the saddest news that has come through in the most difficult time of the now separated couple as Ojok Gerald, the former husband to comedienne Anne Kansiime comes out to let the cat out of the sack and he said out the would be secret of the family about his break up with Anne.

This comes shortly after the rumor of their separation hit the media despite Anne coming out and chasing away the allegations but through our closest source, Blizz moles have managed to identify two things about this break up and the final word has come out of the horse’s mouth about the bitter splitting.

We came to learn that Anne and Ojok separated long time ago than even the media thought and it has been kept a top secret but as you know love is like cough, you cannot hide it so when the love between the two seized to appear in the public eye, we came to realize it but it had happened long time.

Again, through our sources, Ojok said that the major reason the two parted ways was because Anne has a “complicated reproductive health” issue. Something that gave Ojok a guarantee that he will never have kids with the mountainous Kabaale area export comedienne and she could not allow him to get a kid outside their marriage.

This was the stroke that broke the camel’s bone and they had to mutually and in pain see it get apart although it is further said that Ojok was not ready to let Anne go that is why he is depressed currently and tanking as much booze as he can.

“Ojok saw no future with Anne, imagine 5 years in marriage she has never even got a miscourage” a mole quipped. Efforts to get to Ojok are not yet futile as we have tried to get an appointment to meet him secretly and get the whole detailed story for you. Keep it Blizz.