The Most Exaggerated Events of August 2017 You Missed

The month of August has been filled with a lot partying and entertainment moments thus making reasonable statements mention family hangouts, partying and musical concerts. All in all we managed to come up with a recap of the most lit parties in the month of August.

1-Musician Desire Luzinda 25th birthday party
The party of the singer who actually turned 33 though she headlined her birthday as at 25th was full of cozy moments between the ‘Kitone’ singer and her alleged new bunkmate tycoon Lwasa, the proprietor of the Masaka based Tavern Kick bar and the partying going down at the Space Lounge. Tables were filled with luxury wines and beers, expensive decoration, the cake and the red carpet that was honored by local celebrities like Abryanz collections CEO, Judith Heard mention it, all in all the aging singer was treated to glitz and glamour. It was partying moment to remember and according to the reliable sources that attended the maiden occasion, they left yearning for next year’s 25th birthday celebrations of the singer anticipated to be more glamorous compared to the later.

2-A night with Cindy “The KingHerself”
She is famous for her vigorous stage performance and the best East African Female artist had less to bother her so as to fill up the Imperial Royale Hotel on the 25th of August 2017 with the music experience gathering huge crowds turn up to witness the best vocalist thanks to Uganda Waragi for upping the maiden concert of the “Run the city” hit maker. The venue of the concert was ideal with the music equipment on point producing the best output, and though the show down had to wait till 10pm when emceeing and performances kick stated, they real business sublimated at 11pm when the King Herself hit the stage doing what she does best not forgetting her dancing queens who left revelers speechless in addition to the vocal strength of the lady of the day who captured fans attention for long. Though boredom kicks where exhibited in fans as they waited for the showdown, slay queens and mamas killed it with the given stles of dressing and look that deserved no more.

3-The 2nd Edition of the Rolex Festival
It all went down on the 20th of August 2017 at the Uganda museum and it was the second edition of its kind ever in Kampala city with revelers dressing to kill and enjoying the delicious Rolex at the same time celebrating the growing tradition in Uganda that has become one of the signature events in the tourism calendar. People of different calibers mention the young, youth and adults were in position at the Uganda museum to celebrate the food culture in the country, an initiative organized by the ministry of tourism, wildlife and antiquities in conjunction with the tourism sector and the corporate world so as to popularize this signature menu. The event was fully attended and the main objective outlined in the traditional menu where Rolex vendors that took part in the exhibition harvested record sales for the very first time in the making.

4-The purple party
Though the main musician to headline the Mbarara purple party organized by NTV Uganda the Beat presenter Douglas Lwanga, Big Size Bebe Cool disappointed as he resorted to headlining the tycoon Surdhir Rupaleria’s wedding party abroad. It was a highly attended music event in the land of ‘milk and honey’ as party animals danced to music of a variety of artists who performed without pay to show love to their fellow man in the entertainment industry Douglas lwanga who is executing a tremendous work as far as promoting their talent and music. It was an event to remember and various parts of the country have stared linking up with the one man Douglas to sketch up a programme in their vicinity.

All in all the month of August has had partying events to remember that have left party animals contented with their value for money hoping the month of September will be a spectacular one.