Escort to Museveni’s Cousin Sentenced to death by Court Martial 

Police constable canan Nkamuhebwa attached to the police presidential guard (PPG) has today been sentenced to death by the army court Martial on charges of murder.

The division army court martial of the special force command (SFC) that sat in Ssembabule district yesterday where the later  committed thé crimes from that was chaired by Lt Col. Mises Emeru passed the verdict that Nkamuhebwa should face death for shooting to kill a one Paul Tumukunde following a reporter brawl.

The convict on death row is an escort to a cousin on president Museveni and his two partners in crime Private Able Katsigazi and Corporal Johnson Abasa were sentenced to 15years for conspiracy to kill and 40years for abetting crime after being found guilty of the said charges.