I Escaped Assassination Countless Times;- Gilbert Bukenya

Former vice president Prof Gilbert Bukenya who if recent was turned as the political prostitute has come out to open on how many times he escaped mysterious assassination attempts from his known assailants when he was still occupying the vice president seat.

We however do not know why he has decided to open up now but the while story is scary to any person.

Prof Gilbert Bukenya in a video said that some “agents” tried unsuccessfully to poison him three different times but he managed to run away untouched. He continued to say that he escaped other four stage-managed road accidents which he escaped as well all in the period he was the country’s vice president for eight years.

This clearly indicated that most of the big wig killings are masterminded by some agents who we do not know who they work for or with, but they are existent and aŕe taking place. So here we go back to the unexplained killings of government officials and we must get the answers for ourselves.

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  • Gold Ruyondo

    Gilbert Bukenya you think you will have anybody trusting you in this country?