What is eating Grace Nakimera up?

“Gone are the days” that is the phrase I grew up hearing even when I did not know its meaning, I still recon that. Now, allow me use the same phrase and tell you something about Grace Nakimera.

Gone are the days where we used to see a rather fat Grace Nakimera, currently if you look at her, just continue reading the article.

Of recent I happened to meet her at some shopping mall and I was left in questions whether she was the one until I asked my neighbor who confirmed to me that she was the one. The whole picture is, I could not manage to establish her as her body size has badly shrinked.

It is as if what I may say one can think I just want to talk about her, no, today she dropped evidence as she came out and posted her current picture and everyone was asking himself or herself the same question I have asked myself! She appears more slimy although more beautiful now.

So before I hold up my cellular to ask her directly, am still puzzled, what is eating Grace Nakimera up?