Don Zella Takes her Kids for Eid Prayers, see Photos

Nothing is amazing than seeing children growing up while loving their religion and most so let them experience their birth religion so its exactly what Don Sheila Zella is doing.


She is not a Muslim but her ex fiance Ibrahim Mayanja aka Bigeye Starboss is one which makes her kids also Muslims so today she has taken them out for Eid Irfitr prayers. She took it to her Facebook and posted;

“Family that prays together stays together we are one always with my children no matter what !! Al hajji britton ,hajjat briella ,brittney & shannaz babagalaliza Iddi mubaraka enungi mwena aboluganda mugwanga Allah ayanukule okusiba kwamwe abasasule byemusinga okwagala atuwe obulamu obutagwawo ….tusonyiwe nabo abatusobya”


bigeye starboss ugblizz


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