Don Zella Kicks off Beauty With Brains ticket sale

She is Kawala Namilembe Nalongo Sheila Don Zella the fighter that never quites the battlefield until she wins and her upcoming Beauty with Brain All White Party in Dubai is one of the manifestations that she never quites the game.

You should know that Don Zella started managing and promoting all white shows in the diaspora and she once did one here in Uganda which sold out. Now her Beauty with Brain all White Party is doing well and as you read this, VIP ticket sales are overwhelmingly enticing Don Zella to bits.

She threw the excitment to her close friends and told them how she has the sweetest feeling about the event and she so confident she will nail it. Remember the party is for 19th August this year at Vegas Club in Dubai as ordinary tickets go for 150 Dirhams and VIP 25 Dirhams. Party animals in Dubai, it’s your turn.