Don MC Writes a Love Letter to Winnie Nwagi, Hes mad crazy about her

Its nolonger a secret that almost everyman in this world would crave and die for a woman like swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi straight from the sweet voice, to the flawless body and its no surprise that rapper Don MC Kapata can hold his desire no more.

Don’s affection for Nwagi is naughtily amazing as most of his fans ended up branding him Obsessed but he doesn’t care any more as long as the “Musawo” singer gets his message.
Read the letter its self;

Winnie I’m here to say you are the only hair in my KAPATA. Whenever I see your hips, the insulin in my brains gets paquasious.You are the Kikazi my mother ddnt warn me abt! Sexy Eyes like Besigye, beautiful voice like sebaana…. Nwagi Nwagi Nwagi that name gets me drunk like waragi,. For you I can climb mountain dew, for you I can go to wink and dance to your song musawo naked,..
Your body is well curved like a panya road. I’m waiting for that day you will hug me.. Hoooly cow just thinkin abt that namaziga gampisseemu olwe sanyu! I like your behind the scenes… So pretty like you got no sins.. Give me a chance Winnie coz my potassium enkoko is eradicating.. Thanks my only kabiskwit
Your truely Mr KAPATA kaviiri munkoto

#Ekikazi #kabiskwit #Nwagi #simanyinsonga.” concluded.

Sean Musa Carter

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