Did Chameleone chase AK’s widow from the house as a local tabloid said?

Recently, a local newspaper which publishes exclusively in Luganda came with a headlined “Chameleone agobye Namwandu wa AK 47 mu nju”.

It was saying that Chameleone chased Maggie the widow of AK 47 because she failed to abide by the rules and conditions given to her by the family elders. however as Blizz Uganda we tried to look and follow this to the details to know whats true or whats false. And in our findings we have failed to establish the authenticity of this story. First of all,
1. The widow is still living happly with family members as they help her in looking after her twins, in fact of recent, her twins were baptized.

2. Chameleone is not the one who constructed that house so he has no right whatsoever to evict the widow,
3. When it is a decision to be made by the family, since their father is still around, he is the one to announce a decison taken not Chameleone, since his father is the head of the family.

So ignore all the rumors that Chameleone chased the widow from the house, because they have no clear sources  and has no Origin.                                              REST IN PEACE OUR BELOVED AK47


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