Diamond Platnumz finally shows whom he loves most between Mobetto and Zari

There is a certain time when you need to follow a Runyankore proverb that says “Tanisa embwa omumishega” Direct translation being separate dogs from wolves. This is what Diamond Platnumz has decided to do show whom he loves and whom he uses as a tool.

Following the online battle that has been ongoing for the last 4 days between Main Dish Zari and the side dish Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond decided to end this by updating his Whatsapp Direct Photo and status.

Diamond made the photo of Zari his Whatsapp DP adding a status where he referred to Zari as the keeper of his ATM Card. “My ATM Card Owner”

The look of Diamond Platnumz Whatsapp Status

Mobetto after seeing this rushed to her own page to disown what she has been posting and claim that she was not talking about Zari.

“I did not know that some people are so stupid until I open this page. If you will relate everything I post to how you feel, then you are to urinate in your clothes. Why imagine everything I post to Zari, Dee n me? You have not seen Zari on camera say someone took her man .You have not seen me on TV speak with my lips that my child is for so n so. You have not seen Dee speak before your eyes that am a bitch! Why are those sweating sweating? Africans find jobs jameni and be of reason” Mobetto said in a retreat.

Zari is now the happiest woman in East Africa and has not stopped since then from sharing her photos with her family.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe