Desire Luzinda finally reveals the touching story of how she was impregnated and dumped

On August 15, was Desire Luzinda’s Birthday, very many people wished her a marvelous birthday while many others mocked her in regard to her real age. Giving her, the title of the “Ever 25”, Desire Luzinda decided to tell the public the story of her life, which she had kept a secret.

Desire started her story that she is proud to be a teenage mother who gave birth at 19. Though because it was not something she had planned, but when it came, she decided to produce a baby other than considering abortion as many girls do. “While some of you insult me, get offended and take it so personally at the mention of my ‘forever 25yrs’,to me it means that proud teenage mother who gave birth at 19(not that am proud of early pregnancy ),,but I chose motherhood over abortion!” said Desire.

Luzinda says she was still young and pursing her studies and she had not even acquired her S.6 certificate when she got pregnant. “Having learnt of my-then mistake, I was terrified and words can’t explain how I was feeling then…” continued Desire Luzinda “I thought of my mother who had toiled tirelessly to see her 7 children graduate and couldn’t stop wondering what I was to do. But for some reason, abortion never at any point in time cross my mind even in the deepest of fear.”

Luzinda however looked forward to make her mother forgive her and have one more smile because of her and she decided to continue with her studies, knowing that education would be the best gift she can give to her mother at the moment.

With her pregnancy, Desire would wake up in the morning go and read and she made sure that she sat her UACE Exams which she finished 2 weeks before she delivered her daughter. “Imagine waking up every day in an isolated environment where everyone looked at you as a misfit, no friends at all, every step you make you literally see eyes and words pierce through your skin. Yes!that is what the one year was like but I held my head high and made sure I sat for those exams, not just seating the papers but pass.”

Desire based on her background encourages all single ladies and young mothers that they can make a decision right now which can change their future besides their past mistakes and advised them to look forward to creating a brighter future for their children. And not to care about what people say about them. “This is to encourage all young mothers out there, a mistake once made cannot be reversed but you can turn it into the best decision of your life. It doesn’t matter how you toil, what matters is how you have raised your child and strive to give him/her a better brighter future than yours. The world will always judge you anyway..”

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe