Desire Luzinda confirms the Mega b00b n#de pic is hers, though taken years back, see it here

Internet turned violent today morning after a photo of Desire Luzinda leaked on the internet showing her cracked b00b.

The photo, which was fresh and new to eyes of many has been shared on various social media sites including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and many others. View Photo here

Desire claims that the photo was taken years back and was part of the mighty Desire Luzinda Ekitone Project photos that were leaked by the Nigerian lover Franklin in 2014.

She went on to say that, those who leaked the pics are those jealous of her current trend as far as fashion is concerned. Note that Desire Luzinda was considered the best, or among the best fashion stars at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2016.

“When they see you shine, they bring back your past to haunt you and deem your light but sorry I am moving forward” Desire Luzinda posted this after deleting another post that was giving a detail of those jealousy souls.

At first, Desire Luzinda said that it is those who fear competing with her that bring old photos to bring her down. Her post was an indication that she thinks that someone who is a musician is behind this whole saga of bringing that photo, however she later deleted the post. Here is the screen shot of the deleted post.

Nasa Tushabe

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