Desire Luzinda is back! Shares other half-n#de photos

Desire Luzinda Kitone is now back with her fashions and the photos that make men have sleepless nights after seeing her flat-bottomed Flask Figure.

Desire while performing in Stockholm Sweden dressed in a  short dress with all her thighs out and people could even see the lining of her vergiina.

In some photos she was seen trying to pull the dress to be longer but all she could touch and pull was probably her pubic hairs if not her labia. She took some photos with the fans who enjoyed touching at her Kitone.

The photos brought mixed reactions among her fans as some were attacking her over the indecent kind of dressing while others were praising her fashions, describing her as the “Nicki Minaj” of Africa. Here are the photos

desire-luzinda-photos desire-luzinda-half-nude-photos desire-luzinda-pics luzinda-revealing-photos

Nasa Tushabe

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