Desire Luzinda accelerates her cold war with Juliana, fans attack her

Fans have got furious with Desire Luzinda after interpreting her most recent post to be a direct attack to Juliana Kanyomozi over the tycoon Lwasa who, both artists are said to be dating the man though they are denying.

Desire Luzinda made a post saying that “Sometimes we burst out over none issues” fans took it to be a reference to Juliana who recently made a post denying any involvement with the tycoon Lwasa “Desire Luzinda’s business partner” as she said that the two were just neighbors in the plane and she did not even recognize him only to find herself appearing in the selfie of Lwasa.

“You can’t come and take a picture of someone simply because they happen to be sitting next to you on a plane without their permission, and then go ahead and share it implying that I’m traveling with you.” Juliana made this statement rubbishing the article published on the Uganda Online blog that had made a headline saying “Juliana Travels with Desire Luzinda’s business partner to the US”

A screenshot of Uganda Online Headline as it appeared on Juliana Kanyomozi’ page with the word Disclaimer

Whereas Juliana did not in her post say any word about Desire Luzinda and her concern being more toward Lwasa than the Kitone singer, fans interpreted her later post where she said “I’m a nice person… So if I’m being a B**** to you, ask yourself why” to be directed towards Desire Luzinda.

Juliana’s post that was interpreted by fans as being an attack to Desire

Luzinda who had remained silent in this whole drama today shared a quote that seemed to be a reply of Juliana’s latter post.

“Sometimes we burst out over none issues yet in reality there are battles, pain and frustrations we are fighting deep within ourselves but if you take heed in prayer, in His comfort, only He alone can mend your broken heart. You will then realize the little things that were consuming you were actually not worth extorting your emotions on.” Said Luzinda on her facebook page.

Fans were however mad with her as they asked her not attack but rather respect Juliana, while others came to her rescue saying that: Desire did not mention Juliana anywhere in the quote and there is nothing implying that she was attacking the latter.

Luzinda however went on to clarify on the matter saying that those who can’t understand English  are the ones who can interprete her post as an war towards Juliana. She however gave not satisfactory reply to the fans as she said that she is not here to explain herself to anyone.

“Only those who understand English will not find this as an attack but again,am I supposed to explain myself to everyone???” Said Luzinda in a quarreling tone.

Ever since the undeclared war started, fans have already grouped themselves into camps as some are in for Juliana while others are in for Luzinda and they have so often been exchanging words all over social media although their celebs deny any involvement in the ongoing beef.

Nasa Tushabe

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