Danz Kumapeesa’s Health Only Held by God’s Grace, Health Update

Renown music producer Danz Kumapeesa who is apparently in the Hospital, his health condition is terribly worrying after a new photo of him emerging up on different social media platforms showing how adjusted his body shape has deteriorated since he neither eats nor drinks but only uses a straw to stay alive. 

Danz Kumapeesa who got terribly beaten up by unknown thugs while returning back to his makindye home surfaced serious injuries that put him into coma and for over three months now, he is only getting worse and even though he was able to come back from the coma, he only uses one sense of hearing, when you talk to him he listens but can not reply back or even signal back. 

Currently, Nsambya hospital where he is being treated from needs money worth UGx 27Million to treat him and also cover the hospital bills that have accumulated over the last three months they have treated him for.

Meanwhile, information being spread by Danz Kumapeesa’s mother Jennifer Kisakye together with the whole family have revealed that they have been able to pay only UGx 8Million out of whole bill including the UGx 7Million which was raised through a charity car wash that was organized for him by friends and fans leaving a balance of UGx 19Million to be settled.

But still according to trusted sources inside the family, we have been alerted that all hope is not yet lost since a musical show is being organized to raise the remaining funds to foot the hospital  bills and hopefully enough money will be raised to let Danz out of the hospital.

Danz produced hit songs for different big musicians like, Winnie Nwagi’s “Musawo“, Bebe Cool’s “Mbozi Zamalwa“, he has produced for Lydia jasmine, Mesarch Ssemakula and so many other stars.

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