Da Agent and Crysto Panda Start ‘Sagala Manya’ Challenge

Da Agent the Savam Music rapper is the only Luga lufula artiste we have in the music industry of Uganda but it seems he is working hard to get more and fresh talent aboard the line as he did a collabo song Sagala Manya loosely translated as I don’t Want to know with Crysto Panda the NTV Tnation show host at the Serena hotel based television NTV that dropped yesterday. And due to the hype the song has been given, there has been a call for a challenge.

Usually song challenges are done to make a specific song go viral and this is beyond no doubt a move to consolidate Sagala Manya song to the top chats as it is already enjoying a massive airplay and site downloads are hyper getting high. Sagala Manya is that tune that shows someone’s ‘I don’t care’ attitude he puts up to someone who appears to challenge him or her. So literally Crysto Panda and Da Agent were up for some hidden business.

The challenge is done this way, one has to record himself or herself rapping exactly what is being sung with the perfect lip synching and send the video to Crysto Panda through his facebook account Crysto Panda or Instagram by direct messaging it to him. The best video will automatically win a great prize. And so far the contestants are doing a great job however the problem they face is singing Da Agent’s verses which are hard to get.

The song in the brackets was produced at Badi World studios by the baddest producer Nessim Pan Production who has done many hit songs this year for various artistes. Nessim himself commented about this hip hop rap song and praised it to be one of the finest projects he has perfected since he began his production career. “I myself fall in love with Sagala Manya song whenever I listen to it and I can affirm that it is one of the finest pieces I have put across” Nessim Pan Production quipped.