“I Curse Whoever Accused me of Killing Danz Kumapeesa”-Eddy Kenzo

It was during the last viewing of Producer Danz Kumapeesa‘s body at Club Obligato when musician  came out and cursed everyone accusing him of hiring thugs to beat up Danz Kumapeesa because he was vibing his wife Rema Namakula.

It was during the public vigil held at club obligato when the “Jubilation” singer held nothing for those that continue to point finger and accusing him that he was behind the clobbering of fallen producer Dan Muwanguzi commonly known as Danz Kumapeesa.

I will never be broke again. Never! I may not desire to be as rich as Sudhir but as I long as I get whats enough for me clothes food and a roof over me.” he stated just before striking.

“I curse whoever said that I was behind the attack on Danz may God work upon you! How could you say such a thing?” He asked and then roared on. “Danz and i worked on many songs on my upcoming album why would I then have to do such a thing to someone in whom I had great hope? I have been there for this young man since day. Ask his mother if you want I came to the hospital in a mode of disbelief I could not imagine that anyone would do such a thing to Danz. Before concluding with another curse on his accusers, once more I curse whoever is still accusing me.” he concluded.

It should be remembered that this whole rumor was highly fueled up by Dembe FM’s Kasuku who started stating that it was all Kenzo’s fault that Danz Kumapeesa was brutally beaten up.

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