Comedian Salvador to Give Away his Show’s Proceedings for Charity

On Thursday 10th, comedian Salvador Idringi Patrick decided to give away charity to the needy children and unlike that he he has been conducting before, this time around he was so much touched that he had to share his experience with his followers and through the process he announced how he is going to give away part of his show’s proceedings for charity.

Salvador, one of the top African comedians, is going to be hosting his 2017 show dubbed Man From Ombokolo on 26th October but he has announced that part of these proceedings will be given away as charity to the Home Of Hope charity home in order to ease his consciousness and feel more comfortable with these children living a better life.

“My team and I finally visited Home of Hope, one of the Homes that takes care of Children with special needs. It’s the first time I physically went there and oh my, I was blown away. I don’t like posting about my charity work on social media but this I had to post because two helping hands are better than one. Th vision of Mama Edith who runs the facility is one I want to be a part of, the challenges this Lady faces is unimaginable… I just can’t thank her enough for sharing her story that really broke me to the core. I’ll do whatever I can in my power to help Mama Edith achieve her goal… such a loving person taking care of 50 disabled children who need 24/7 attention deserves all the help she can get. I urge all my family and friends, lets join hands and help Mama Edith.” said the comedian.

And through his own words, Salvador announced, “Part of the proceeds of my show on October 26th.. #ManFromOmbokolo2 #MFO2 at Imperial Royale Hotel will go to helping Mama Edith who intends to build a new shelter for the Kids as the one they currently live in has become small. I can’t thank my team enough for moving with me to Jinja yesterday.. my wife, my business partners, my best friends I say thank you”

Below are some of the photos from the charity Salvador conducted:

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