City Socialite Alicia Debby Sempaka Finally Gives Birth

She rose into the limelight as a social media n#dist as she always seemed to never leave on clothes for her followers but over the years, Alicia Debby Sempaka’s reputation has tried to change to being a house wife and now she has given birth to her first child.

Alicia Debby who owns two multi million mansions in Makindye got pregnant for a Dubai based investor she normally terms as “Mr Economy” as she always used to fly to Dubai countless times until when the embryo was created into her uterus and after a longtime of anticipation and patience she has been able to successfully deliver her first child.

Even though no face of the baby has been revealed yet, at least we all know that it’s a cute child according to the sneak pic that the mother has been able to share on her Social media platforms.

This new born child is expected to be one of the most spoilt Celebrity children as Alicia has always been anticipating to have the child delivered so that she can spoilt it with all the luxury she poses and since she has been gaining experience from the tours she’s been having around the United Arab Emirates, we can be sure that her goals will be reached.

Sean Musa Carter

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