City Celebs That Have Worked So Hard And Forgot To Give Birth!

Giving birth and settling down is every woman’s dream. In Africa, finding a man and giving birth completes a woman. To our surprise, there are some women here in our dusty City of Kampala who have no plans of ever giving birth to any child. Most of these women are rich and have everything that it takes to start a family. Today we unveil the list of these rebel women;

UBC’S Jane Kasumba
For Jane, it seems she will never and ever go down on her knees to push a kid. She is above 40 years and she has no plans of getting a man and give birth. People who know her told us that it is a family issue. All her sisters got married when they are all above 45 years. So we are not so surprised. Jane Kasumba looks at her money as her babies.

Hellena Mayanja
She is 41 years old. She was been doing PR for the biggest companies in Kampala. She has probably met all types of men who would have walked her down the aisle. Last year, she was rumoured to be dating a white pensioner and was set to wed. It never came to pass. She has no plans of giving birth soon.

Angella Katatumba
She was once married to white guy in the US. It was an abusive marriage. She had become a punching bag. At 25 years, she had already gotten married. Sadly, she never got any child from that marriage and ever since then, Angela has never planned to give birth.

Gaetano Kaggwa
He once had live s3x on TV. Ugandans celebrated him for that and he became a celebrity. Just after the Big Brother gig, he got married to Enid Keshemeza. They have been together for 6 years now and no child to show.  We pray God blesses them soon

She is the head of speakers in the world. Basically she has never thought of giving birth. One time in parliament, Amama Mbabazi attacked her and told her that she has no one to go to when her day ends since she has no child and can’t give birth. She has never forgiven him.

Andrew Mwenda
Mwenda has had babies on social media but in real life he has no one. There was a picture of a certain girl that did rounds on social media and it was claimed that she was his daughter. It was not true. Mwenda has never given birth. He spends most of his time on TVs and Radios making noise.

Rukshana Namuyimba
She decided to adopt a child and refused to bare hers. She has dated several in town and after using them, she moves on. She is just a user. In person, she is so humble but the real Rukshana is a deadly one when it comes to men. She opted to be single forever

Belinda Namutebi
She is a seasoned PR guru. Rumours in the corporate circles say she likes the GAME but fears getting pregnant. She also adopted a child. It is not that she is barren but she deliberately refused to give birth. We don’t know for how long but it looks she is not interested.