Cindy Sanyu Opens out pregnancy Rumors

After the slim girl Cindy gained some weight, rumors went all over alleging that she is pregnant and will soon be giving birth to her second born.

The Dancehall singer however has refuted the rumors as baseless and has said she is gaining weight on her body. She went ahead to say that her body weight gaining is evenly distributed throughout her whole body not only the tummy.

“I’M NOT PREGNANT. I gained some weight and I’m curvier everywhere” Said Cindy as she attributed the body gain to the good care she is giving herself.

She went on to say that she is even single and she is happy and proud in her single life “It’s not a baby, I’m just taking care of myself more and loving my single life.”

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe