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Charles Rwomushana blasts FDC officials who used Isingiro hunger situation to get cheap popularity

The Controversial political figure Charles Rwomushana has turned the spears and arrows to the opposition chiefs in the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC who he blames of using the misery of the people of Isingiro to make headlines.

Rwomushana said that the FDC officials had the capacity of buying good foot instead of the chicken feeds they brought but all they wanted was to get cheap popularity from the public.

“When the satisfied politician donates chicken feeds to the hungry poor…the cost of soliciting headlines out of misery and death” Said Rwomushana

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He went onto say that they were not considering the cost they were using to give the little they had instead of converting that cost into more food to be given to the people. FDC used some money to brand Posho Bags with FDC Logo, which Rwomushana says that cost would have been used to purchase more food to be given to the people.

“Of course you wouldn’t hear a politician say… ‘In the name of Jesus I forfeit my Parliament Car Grant to feed hungry souls…’” added Rwomushana “Nor would you hear such a politician say in the Mighty Name of Jesus I will convert money for branding bags with the FDC Logo to buy Mukene to make the chicken feeds rich in proteins for those hungry souls”

The forum for Democratic change on Thursday visited Isingiro District, led by the party president Major General Mugisha Muntu and distributed posho to the people who are being struck by hunger.

Mwijukye Francis giving out posho bags to people in Isingiro
Mwijukye Francis giving out posho bags to people in Isingiro

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