Chameleone’s Wife Drags him to Court for Beating her up Badly

For quite a while now, musician Jose Chameleone has been fighting inside battles with city promoter Sipapa Entertainment in order to keep his family together but now here is the real reason why his wife Daniela Atim had left him home alone to seek refugee from Sipapa and musician Serena Bata.

Apparently, according to the case Daniela Filled Yesterday at the Chief Magistrates Court, she alleges that Jose Chameleone has been beating her up and torturing her up even in the presence of their children hence leaving her wondering whether she is a wife or a slave, so she ran to the courts of law in order to ask for a nullifying of their marriage because she is tired of it all.

It should be noted that Daniela had recently decided to give Chameleone some space in order for him to realize her importance in his lfe but when he approached her with Roses provided by Judith Heard, she decided to him  a second chance but now she is tired of all of it.

Sean Musa Carter

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