Can a one nite stand lead to a serious relationship?

It was found that 35% of couples in real relationships began as one-night stand
Sex between two people in modern culture is now as easy as buying a bottle of water at a small store. But in terms of having a serious relationship, has a one-night ever blossomed into a real relationship and eventually marriage?
Romantic movies and Telenovelas have showed that having a sex with someone you know nothing about often leads to having a serious relationship and eventually marriage when in reality, it complicates both lives.

According to YourTango experts, having a one-night stand can actually be the start of a long lasting relationship but has huge emotional risks.
In a research conducted by, it was found that 35% of couples in real relationships began as one-night stands. The question now becomes: what happened to the remaining 65%.
Biological anthropologist and author Helen Fisher, behind some marriage and relationship talk videos says good relationships can spring from a one-night stand, other times the morning after brings a huge amount of awkwardness that you don’t intend to see your sex partner ever again.

You see the person, smell the person, taste the person, touch the person. You get to know a lot about a person between the sheets,” says Dr. Fisher.
Of course, it’s a huge escalation point if it works out well, and a horrible breaking point if it goes out badly.”

There’s actually a great deal to consider before bringing back home someone you just met at a club or a party because you’ll never know what to expect the next day or in the future.


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