Bruno K Opens Up About Kabuye Semboga’s “Ebisaanyi” Remix

As we all know that, many artistes in Uganda have done remixes of the old days songs from the legends especially Philly Bongole Lutaaya and Elly Wamala songs, but this time acoustic singer Bruno K did it with the living legendary Kabuye Ssemboga and they re did his song Ebisaanyi which was a super hit in the early 2000s.

The song is still fresh and good although it had been started to be talked about that it will drop Bruno k in problems.

The song has Kabuye Ssemboga in it doing exactly the same vocal style of the 90’s despite getting to the modernized technology of audio recording. It was produced by Eli Arkhis of City Hill studios who put up a great piece of work of balancing Bruno K and Kabuye Ssemboga.

Although Bruno K had some auto tune applied to his already good voice something that gave the song a pinch of steadiness in its reggae version.

But Bruno K has today talked to our Blizz mole and suggested that that is loose talk from haters that do not wish him well. “Like how can Ssemboga turn against me yet we recorded the song together?” Bruno K asked. “He is like my father, I love him the way he loves me and besides, he is the one that suggested the remaking of the song” Bruno k added.

Download: Ebisaanyi (Remix) by Kabuye Semboga Ft. Bruno K