Brigadier Kasirye Gwanga Sets a Tractor on Fire

Yesterday (13th August, 2017) Brigadier General Kasirye Gwanga drove all the way to Entebbe Road just near Fuelex Petrol Station located in Lweza, and set a mechanical tractor a blaze (on Fire) in allegations that they were trying to encroach and steal his hard owned piece of land.

According to our witnesses who have talked to our field reporters, Kasirye Gwanga appeared up at this area and stormed out of his car arms with a Gun and in the other hand he held a Jerrican full of petrol, and in the middle of the disturbing anger, he poured petrol onto one of the tractors at work on the site setting it ablaze on spot.

Few people had taken care to give in attention until the moment they saw a tractor on Fire and when they tried to lay in to stop the fire, the retired general warned that no one should stop the fire unless if they wanted to die.

Upon being asked why he was so furious and why he decided to burn down this multi million tractor, Kasirye Gwanga alleged that these people were taking over his Land so he had to defend it using all the possible means.


Sean Musa Carter

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