Breaking: [email protected] Photos of Desire Luzinda leak onto the internet

Trouble has befallen on the Uganda pop singer Desire Luzinda after her completely n#de photos leak on the internet. The photos of her completely [email protected] are doing on the net in the online sites, on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and everywhere.

The photos were leaked by her lover whom they separated days ago due to problems of money payment to which her Lover Flanklin has lent her and she failed to payback which led to warfare and the lover decided to post the photos onto Facebook.

The in the photos Bootyclous Desire Luzinda is seen doing the V sign in between her legs while in others she is lying completely on the bed with her p#ssy exposed to the outsiders for public viewing. She hasn’t said anything so far to confirm or deny the photos but evidence is beyond doubt that it’s her.

Nasa Tushabe

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