“Bobi Wine Should Sit Down and Let Veterans Handle Politics,” Justin Nameere Advises

Former NTV Presenter and NRM’s Hon Justin Nameere has come out and attacked the recently voted Kyadondo East Legislator Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who’s commonly known as Bobi Wine by advising him to settle down and let real veteran politicians take control as he’s still young and ignorant about so many things regarding politics.

Justin Nameere is the Youth Member of Parliament for Central Region and it was not log ago that she was voted in to represent her region, which seems to have upset so many people allover social media as our team witnessed in the comment box.

In her own words, Justin Posted on Facebook:

Hon Bobi Wine today as you left town I guess from Parliament, you were driving your Tundra at break neck speed, the boda men who were leading you and following you kept recklessly and rudely hitting people’s cars apparently to make way for you. Many people were affected, we had to abruptly drive into pavements moreover many of us were driving with our children. One of the bodas knocked a boda that was on its own business yet it was carrying a pregnant woman. I have nothing against you but I honestly believe that was not necessary and it was dangerous to other road users.” she posted.

She also went ahead to enchant that;

Hon Bobi there are many other MPs that have fought for Uganda and that have won elections with Land slide victories. Gerald Karuhanga started as a Youth MP but even in his first term he saved the country billions of shillings he saved from corruption scandals he unearthed, Abdul Katuntu, Kasiano Wadri, Mariam Matembe, Winnie Byanyima, Erias Lukwago, they were all Patriotic MPs but they didn’t drive around show bizzing because it is about the struggle not an individual. MPs like Hon Karoro Okurut, Hon Tinkasiimire, etc win Parliamentary elections unopposed others win with 98% and so on but they keep the fight intellectual. However effective you are in Parliament, there is no need driving like that on public roads. Bobi people have hope in you as a leader, do not get lost in translation and turn into a socialite. In politics there is what they call “the silent majority” these are people who silently note what you do and can love or hate you without making noise. Forget yes men and fanatics who will always say what you want, the silent majority is just fair.”

She continued,” Do not let that silent majority misunderstand you. Even President Museveni that you are so badly fighting, the niche he still has over other candidates is “understanding the silent majority”. It is how President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Trump concentrated on the silent majority, because they are truthful and powerful, while Hillary concentrated on making news. If it is about owning a struggle that ostensibly then Hon Norbert Mao a man who came up with a rather creative campaign TAG #TOGIKWATAKO, which went viral and international should be walking on our heads ! Otherwise I respect your effort towards noble causes but I got so shocked and disappointed in what I saw.” she concluded.

Sean Musa Carter

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  • Geofries kaabunga

    Is Nameere a traffic waden , Where dies does she get all the gutts of tomahocking our mp?
    Why don’t she leave the issues of mps to mps and people who clearly understand them. I think she has suffered from lack of what to do.