Bobi Wine reconciles with Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata as they share special moments

Hope you all remember in 2015 when Bobi Wine attacked Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata and gave him 3 days to apologize to Buganda Kingdom. This was after Sheikh Muzaata called Buganda Prime Minister Peter Mayiga a thief who goes collecting money from poor people.

Bobi Wine has finally reconciled with the renowned Sheikh and the two has spent a good time of yesterday’s night discussing together. The two met on April, 20th night at the Residence of the U.S Ambassador in Kololo.

Bobi Wine sipping wine as he chats with Deborah R. Malac the U.S Ambassador to Uganda

Bobi Wine recently got misunderstandings with Buganda Kingdom officials after a piece of land at his beach which acted as the parking lot was demolished by Buganda Royal Grounds on allegations that he occupied it illegally.

Bobi Wine claimed to have paid for the land and was the legal lease holder of the land and considered the act towards him from the Kingdom officials unfair and betrayal.

It’s therefore possible that Bobi Wine is finding a sense in words of Sheik Nuhu Muzaata towards the acts of some Buganda Kingdom officials.

Bobi Wine, US Ambassador Deborah Ruth Malac and Barbie Kyagulanyi

Here is what Bobi Wine said after meeting Sheik Muzaata.

Last night,i had some real deep conversation with #SheikNuhuMuzaata at the residence of the U.S ambassador in Kololo. Never rush to judge a person because they do not think as you think, there was a time when you did not know what you know now (MalcomX)…Ate Omuganda agamba “Ab’oluganda bita,nebwebikoonagana, tebyatika”.

Bobi Wine conversing with Sheikh Muzaata

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