Bobi Wine Proves his Intentions of Becoming the President of Uganda

As Bobi Wine is still having his music career at hand by, he is also shooting the video of his song ‘super woman‘ which is being shot by Jahlive films, the recently elected Member of Parliament has as well been holding several shows in every district country wide but the reception he is getting shows that his aim of measuring his weight for the top country seat (presidency) is getting on the groove.

Super Woman is reportedly a song many believe the singer is dedicating to his wife who made a big difference in the run up to the Kyadondo East MP elections and victory in the end but our investigators dig deep into the issue by dissecting the whole video theme and script that portrays something different to what we may think. In the shoot, we see Bobi sitting in a presidential chair in front of the State House sitting on top of the court of arms. There is no one that does not have presidential intentions that can have such a script.

When analyzed well, we found out that the ghetto boy is eyeing the 2021 presidential quest and if the numbers can count and according to the crowds he has received in these days on his tours countrywide, Museveni and other names to contest for the presidency must be sitting on a hot plate as the competition will seem stiff. As if that is not enough, Bobi Wine opened up a website in his names but surprisingly it is not for selling his music just like how other artistes do it, it has political motives predominantly.



As he has his new catchword that goes like “Focus on the next generation not the next general-election” is the same theme that is on his new website something that shows he is much more interested in writing more and more history as he moves from the ghetto president to the president of Uganda. He further calls upon people to join him and work together.