Bobi Wine Cries out for the 300 People he Employs at his Beach

Singer Bobi Wine still wondering why his beach parking lot was destroyed Bobi Wine’s One Love beach parking area in Busabala was demolished by Buganda land board on yet to be established grounds but the singer is still amazed with the brutal action that was mercilessly executed from those he respects as his blood.

-Buganda Kingdom that he has come out to do every thing possible to promote their values and cultural importance but is still adamant to believe the demoliotion of his property which he believes that he owns a hundred percent.

In a phone interview with Simba FM’s Kapalaga, the singer opened up, revealing how heartbroken he is about the incident.

You see Kapalaga, I’m also a local investor, I employ over 300 citizens” he said. “I’m not a law-breaker, I do everything following protocol, I shouldn’t have been treated this way, but sometimes you have to ignore and let it be. For quite a long time, those guys from Mengo have been demolishing people’s houses but all the blame has been put on me. I have ignored it for long, but now everyone can see that I’m not responsible for evicting people, today it’s me

But I can’t attempt to go against Mengo, even though I invested a lot in this project But as you know, you ignore some things and let them be. It’s not fair at all to me. They should be supporting us but they are just downplaying us. But what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger” Bobi Wine said.

This is the end of Bobi Wine’s truce with Mengo or negotiations are awaiting to talk about the parking lot demolition by the two parties, lets await ana see what next. In a shocking turn of events, Buganda Land Board came out with pinching information about the demolition of part of Bobi Wine’s one love beach with Denis Jjuko, one of the officials from the Buganda PR team saying that Bobi Wine had never paid a single coin for the land in question, and he had been illegally occupying it.

What was demolished was an adjacent piece of land to Bobi Wine’s beach which Bobi Wine had tried to forcefully and illegally occupy and annex to his beach.

Bobi had been warned several times not to plant grass and trees beyond his official beach but he refused. This particular piece of land was even blocking access to other people’s land. The land lord had the right to stop Bobi Wine’s impunity and ensure that other people who own land in that area have access”.

He further revealed that Bobi Wine didn’t pay any single coin for this land and he has been there illegally.

“There is no money that Bobi Wine paid for this part of land he was illegally occupying. However, Bobi Wine can go to court and seek redress” Denis Jjuko concluded. Buganda land board believes Bobi wine is having land wrangles with other tenants but them and they assert he has to go public and tell the truth.

In a related development, the PRO of Buganda Land Board denied any involvement in demolitions that saw part of the beach bulldozed.

Bugaya Dennis in a social media post revealed that they have always supported Bobi Wine but this was a result of wrangles with tenants.